3 Steps before you Record

Make sure to heed these warnings. They will save you immense time and wasted effort in your project’s culmination. You’ll want to pay close attention and understand that these steps will not only save you money but your sound engineer’s sanity. An affect, I promise, will be a more solid performance and detailed finished product. Far better than Half-A**ing your way blindly! So these little gems are as follows:

Be Prepared

First and foremost, BE PREPARED.
Make sure you are well rehearsed and everyone knows the part that they are playing. Artist waste more time arguing what the arrangements and dynamics of the song are or should be.

Be Ready

The next step is to make sure that everyone has fresh strings, drumheads and sleep (Singer). Go over your equipment to make sure it’s all in working order and don’t forget you can always rent studio gear if you feel yours is lacking. Just make sure to call ahead and reserve during your upcoming session.


Keep it Simple St*pid! You need to have an idea of what your production should sound like. Remember not to overthink it as you might have to recreate for stage and sound.. Just because there are an unlimited amount of tracks and plugins doesn’t mean you have to use them all.

These Steps are a gift to all involved!

So to recap be prepared, be ready and keep it simple. Know what you want. Keep the energy creative and right on point. Otherwise there is nothing worse than wasting your time or ours! Enjoy 🙂

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